Good skin = Great makeup!

Where to begin when writing a beauty blog?? I think the best place is at the start, I really don’t believe that you can have the best makeup possible if you don’t look after your skin. For me the best place to start is with your cleanser, you need to find a cleanser that both suits your skin, wallet and most importantly works with your skin issues. The shops are full of cleansers that promise to change the tone texture and reverse the signs of ageing. This is not a mistake all of the companies know perfectly well that we want to look younger, less tired and frankly better! Some of the cleansers do work but using them alone will not a teenager make! In fairness any amount of lotions and potions will not a teenager make but I am the eternal optimist! For me the best ingredient that you can get in a cleanser is Glycolic Acid, this wonder ingredient is available in lots of Skincare ranges, the brand that I use and love is called Alpha H this is my secret weapon in Skincare, it has totally transformed my skin and I would have no issues recommending it, you can buy it here Beautybay.

Now for the jewel in the crown of your skincare exfoliate. This for me is the most important part of skincare. Again you need find an exfoliator that suits your skin there are many on the market ones that you use daily, weekly and monthly. Again you have to experiment with the different formulas until you find one that suits your skin and fits into your skincare routine. As I have incredibly oily skin I can afford to use one every day and then once a week I use a stronger one. My favourite one is Emma Hardie which is available at Arnotts or online.

At night I use Alpha H’s Liquid Gold this is a magic liquid which that minimises pores and help you get an even skin tone.

In the mornings I use a serum, I am totally loving Lancôme Visionnaire, this is one of the best serums to come onto the market in years and has some of the most amazing science inside, I’ll be doing a review later and ill explain all then! I also love the results that I get from YSL ‘s Forever Youth Liberator again an amazing product with fantastic results but its very perfumed so I only used this once a week.

And at this point I moisturise I don’t buy expensive moisturisers as I think the most important part to skin care is cleansing and exfoliating and if you have got these right your skin does not need the expensive moisturiser, if you happen to find yourself in France I love a brand that you can get there in most pharmacy’s it’s called Embryolisse and is a steal at about €8. If I don’t happen to be in French France for a while I get myself down to the Bodyshop and buy from the vitamin E range. If you feel like treating yourself Chanel’s Sublimage is mega, expensive but so worth it! I have this but only use when I feel my skin need a sweet treat! Another brand that is amazing but not expensive is Trilogy this is a natural range of products so perfect for the more sensitive souls out there.

Now for possibly the most anti ageing part of your Skincare routine…… SPF, I really think that SPF is the most important part of your skincare routine. Not only does it protect against skin cancer, which is on the rise in Ireland, but it helps keep wrinkles and pigmentation at bay. I use Hamilton sunscreen which is available in most pharmacy’s and is not very expensive. Other sunscreens that I use and like are Shiseido and Kiehl’s both of these are non oily and are not white when you put them on your skin.

I hope you have found this interesting and I will be posting about all of the products that I spoke about in this blog later.




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