Alpha H Cleanser

The first product review that I am going to do is of Alpha H cleanser. I am biased when it come to these products as Ifreaking love them! If you invest in this skincare it will change your life (well your skin!). The main ingredient in the range is Glycolic Acid, a magic ingredient which changes the appearance of your skin. Glycolic acid falls under the umbrella of AHA’s as it has the smallest molecule of all the AHA’s you get the best results for anti-ageing, texture resurfacing and minimising pigmentation. Glycolic skincare will have different levels of the acid inside, mostly between 10-15%, and it is delivered deep into your skin but using a PH level that is close to our natural skin PH level so that it is delivered slowly into the deeper layers of the skin, you may feel a slight tingling on your skin this is perfectly normal.

There are a few different types of cleansers, I use the Age Delay Cleansing Oil this is a cleansing balm that melts onto your skin melting away dirt and impurities, it has no parabens artificial colours or perfumes and is suitable for all skin types and is generally fabulous!




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