Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate

Now for the most important part of your skincare, exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. If your skin is exfoliated on a regular basis it will have the best texture that you can expect to have. There are many different types of exfoliants out there and to find the right one for you you basically need to try different ones until you find the perfect one. Saying that I think I have found three that will suit most skin types, again two from Alpha H the first being Gentle Daily Exfoliant. This exfoliant has water-activated fruit enzymes derived from Green Papaya and Pineapple which will give you smoother skin and this is a perfect exfoliator for people with sensitive skin. If you’re new to exfoliating your skin do not start using this every day as your skiing will not know what’s going on and may react. For the non-sensitive people out there there’s Micro Cleanse, know as microdermabrasion in a tube! This little wonder has 12% Glycolic acid inside as well as rice bran and micro beads clearing pores, dead skin and helps smooth out lines and wrinkles. The other exfoliator that I use and love is from Emma Hardie, available at Arnotts. Emma’s approach to skincare is truly remarkable after suffering from a debilitating illness for 12 years she managed to heal and rejuvenate her body and face all with the body’s self-healing process. Then Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face products was born. In her own words

I believe in treating the skin with the utmost respect. Just as we need to nurture the earth’s surface from erosion, we need to nourish and nurture our own protective cover – our skin. We can then be assured of a life-long vibrant complexion that radiates the vitality of youth

. I am much more of a practical soul than Emma and I want products to do the work for me! And hers do not disappoint! It is not a huge range of products but small and perfectly formed! The Moringa Cleansing Balm is one of the best smelling and working products out there, you use the Natural Lift and Sculpt Dual Action professional Cleansing Cloths with the balm which will exfoliate your skin but on a weekly or maybe even twice a week you can use the Aromatherapy infused rosehip exfoliating seeds, which you add to the balm to give your skin an exfoliating boost! These products are such a pleasure to use, leaving your skin smelling and feeling Amazing!




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