So now for your moisturiser, almost finished with the Skincare section of the blog (for the moment). I think that if you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin right you really do not need to be so particular with your moisturising routine. Whenever I find myself in French France I stock up on one of the most infamous skincare brands worldwide, used by some of the most famous beauties on the planet, Embryolisse is like the holy grail of moisturisers in France, apart from in Paris, it is almost always found behind the counter in a pharmacy and you are quizzed by the staff as to why you want the product and if you are buying more than one, they look at you like your trying to steal one of their national treasures and in some cases they have to order your products in. When you jump though all the hoops to get the moisturiser you’d expect it to be mega bucks but no, it cost feck all, ranging from €6 – €10 depending on how fancy the area in France you are of how fancy the pharmacy is! All of the ingredients are from a natural origin and it leaves the skin nourished to a deep layer. You can buy the range online but generally you pay a lot more than if in France, still not quite as much as you would pay for another brand. You can buy it online at The Promakeup Store.
Another range that I find indispensable in my kit is the Vitamin E range from the body shop, a long standing member of my skincare kit! The prices are low but the quality is high. It feels like a lotion so it’s light but gives the skin the same amount of moisture that you would get from a cream. It helps protect the skin leaving it feeling light and silky! Prices start at €14.50.
Another range that is on my radar is Trilogy, an natural (organic where possible) skincare range that is available nationwide, I get mine in a health food store. It has thirteen high performance natural actives, including certified organic Rosehip, Marula, Evening Primrose and Orange Flower oils, which work to repair and rebuild healthy skin while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is lightweight and absorbs into your skin fast leaving it perfectly moisturised and has the added bonus of an SPF 15. It is a steal at €30.95 for a 30ml tube.
Now for the creme dela creme of moisturisers, Chanel’s Sublimage La Crême Texture Fine! This is amazing! The cost is big, €279.50, but the texture and results are worth it! I have it but only use it very sparingly, whenever I feel my skin is a little dehydrated or in need of some TLC. It uses the new combination of two botanical treasures with an almost-magical effect on the signs of aging: the fruit and the flower of Vanilla planifolia. The fruit contains a precious polyketone juice, while the flower contains a remarkable blend of heterosides. When these two components come together, the result is an active ingredient that is as powerful as it is rare. The science is so complex and specific that the cream targets all of the following: fighting all the signs of ageing, acting on hydration, wrinkles and fine lines, firmness, radiance and skin tone. You can apply this cream morning and/or evening to get perfectly perfect skin! I hope you have all been nice and not naughty so Santa may leave this little pot of magic for you this year!






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