I imagine that by now you are all thinking that I am fecking nuts with my almost obsessive Skincare routine but I want to be Peter Pan and stop the ageing process and any lotion or potion that I can get my hands on to help with my mission I am always going to give it a shot!
I use serums because they give you a super strength shot of the ingredients into your skin in a concentrated dose. The results that you get are mega.

The one that I use mostly is Lancôme’s Visionnaire. This product has an ingredient inside called LR 2412, which is Jasmonic acid, derived from plants, and it was given the name LR 2412 because this represents the amount of times it took to get the Jasmonic acid to do what they wanted it to do. It took 12 years for the brand’s scientists to get it to do precisely what they wanted it to to. Jasmonic acid will penetrate your skin right down to the dermal layer feeding it from the inside out, it will also resurface your skin at the top layer, giving you a more youthful complexion, sold yet??? This is one of the only serums that does not have an age indicator so feel free to use at any age! The serum which Lancôme calls an

advanced skin corrector

has a whopping 4% of LR 2412 inside which is a high concentrate, so I feel that it’s worth the €70 price tag.
The second serum that I use is YSL’s Forever Youth Liberator, now this has one of the most advanced ingredients that is found in any skincare. It is called Glycobiology and has been in development for over 100 years and has won 7 Nobel Prizes it’s tipped to be the next huge innovation in medical technology. Glycobiology helps to maintain and replenish the glycans in our skin, glycans play a critical role in the balnnce of our skin but over time they diminish. YSL are the first cosmetic company to use this incredible science, which infuses our skin with glycans making it more youthful. The results are visible within the first week and getting better from then on in. The only negative thing abut the serum is that it is strongly perfumed with a rose scent, which is not my favourite smell, hence the reason I don’t use it every five minutes! The serum costs €77 and is available nationwide. There’s also a full range of skincare from the brand containing glycobiology check it out, prices range from €45.00





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