Protect, protect, protect

Firstly it is vital that you check that your SPF is full or broad spectrum, this means that it protects you against all damaging sun rays. This is the most important part of your skincare routine, SPF is the most anti ageing product that you can put onto your skin. The sun is the cause of a lot of our visible ageing, never mind skin cancer, which has been on the rise in Ireland for the past 8 years. Even though we only get about five minutes of sunshine in Ireland each year, we still need to protect against harmful UV A and UV B rays, it does not need to be hot and sunny for the sun to damage your skin, once it is bright outside there are harmful UV rays lurking, waiting to give you more wrinkles! Now this is where my madness really shows! I use SPF factor 80, which is a little extreme but I have food the perfect one for my oily skin, it’s from Hamilton Skincare and it is a clear gel which leaves no white residue on your skin. Hamilton is from Australia where sun protection needs to be at its best, so it leaves us very well protected! Hamilton is available in most pharmacy’s prices start at €12.50. Another sunscreen that I use is from Shiseido, it’s SPF 50 and is really light in texture and again does not leave you looking pale and interesting. It is light in texture and will not block your pores. It costs €33 and is available nation wide. The Kiehl’s SPF is fantastic too, another oil free SPF that does not leave a white residue. As with all Kiehl’s products its safe to use if you have sensitive skin. It’s costs €37 and is available in all Kiehl’s outlets nation wide, the new counter in Arnotts is amazing if you have not been in go check it out.





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