MAC Face and Body

This product is a favourite with makeup artist worldwide. The reason for this is that it comes in many shades and you can also get a white one and a black one. Which means that they can be easily mixed together to get the perfect shade. It is really sheer in texture but can be build up to get a medium cover. As the name suggest it can be used on face and body, genius! It is water resistant and long lasting so perfect when you won’t have time to


your makeup. Now for the bad news, it is only available in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, not in any other of their outlets nation wide. The good news is that they will post the product to you if you know which shade you are looking for. It costs €36.50 for a 120ml bottle and €31.50 for a 50ml bottle (think you should stick to the 120ml bottle getting 70ml for €5 seems like a bargain!)



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