So here’s the first bake!

So here’s the first cake that I’d like to share with you all. It’s a classic wimbledon sponge recipe from the Queen of baking Mary Berry, she’s my hero! It tasted amazing!






    1. I really didn’t think anyone would want my recipe! Of course I’ll share! It’s really a very basic sponge recipe, 4 eggs with 4oz of castor sugar, blended together until light and fluffy. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then fold in 4oz of self raising flour and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder. Line two 8″ cake wins on the base with parchment paper and butter the sides, pour the mixture evenly between the two tins. Place in a preheated oven 170• fan oven for about 25-30 mins or until golden and the sponge is bouncy to the touch. Decorate with strawberry’s and cream. It’s a messy cake to cut into slices! Enjoy

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