Chanel’s Perfection Lumière was launched early this year, possibly the best foundation that Chanel has ever launched. It is almost perfect in every way. I love anything Chanel, I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see the classic CC logo. According to Chanel it gives you perfect skin, I have used this product for the past year in my kit and have realised that you should always apply the foundation right after you have moisturised. Normally I would say to let the moisturiser soak in a little but in this case you get much more beautiful finish by applying the foundation right away. It comes in a huge 23 shades, more than any other Chanel foundation so you will for sure find the perfect colour for your skin tone and there are lots more deeper shades too. The texture of the foundation is incredible, it is both moisturising and mattifying all in one. Which is not easy to achieve but the geniuses at Chanel have done it! The end result is semi-matte perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to have sheen on their skin. It is one of the only long lasting foundations that does not feel like sandpaper on your skin. The fragrance as always with Chanel is sublime and subtle using hints of succulent fruit, fresh flowers and sweet musk. It is suitable for all skin types and is available nationwide in all Chanel Stockists. It costs €44.00, a bargain to have a little Chanel in your makeup bag!




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