YSL Touché Éclat Foundation

This foundation was released just a few months ago and quickly became a favourite in my kit. The same technology used in the huge worldwide sensation Touché Éclat is used in the foundation. Meaning that is light reflective. The best way I can describe how this looks on the skin is that it looks like there is a light behind your foundation making your skin look luminous and bright. All light reflecting foundations use tiny particles within the product to reflect light. The magicians over in YSL worked on this foundation for years (20 to be exact) to get a foundation that is light reflective but not shiny, they mastered this by using pearl shaped particles, how this works is that the light is reflected but as there are no edges, as the particles are round, your left with a much softer sheen to your skin. There are a massive 22 shades ranging from very pale to very deep so everyone will find their perfect tone. It has a medium to full coverage but please only use small amounts. The packaging is beautiful, sleek and sexy. It is available in stockists nationwide and costs €38.00.




  1. Hey dude!

    Incredibly informative reviews – true expert! Just a note on the YSL… is this particular product a step up from the foundation that you had to squeeze and it seeped through on the brush, like a giant touche eclat!?

    Angelina x.

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