Want to know how to loose half a stone in three minutes? The following is going to be an interesting read. Over the past few years contouring has been written about by almost every beauty writer worldwide and people think that they would never be able to do this for themselves. Well I am here to tell you that it is as easy as pie!
The queen of contouring is Kate Moss,she has the most amazing bone structure but always adds contouring to make a bigger impact. Another “celebrity” who uses contouring to maximum effect is Kim Kardashian.


The basic properties are very simple, if you want to make something look smaller/further away you contour it. So if you wanted to make your cheekbones look sharper and your face thinner (here’s your -7 lb girls) your contour under your cheekbones. The area that needs to be contoured is specific for each person. To find out where you should contour all you need to do is feel right on front of your ear,there is a hallow where your lower jaw joins your top jaw, this hollow is your starting point. Be careful not to put the product onto any hairs on your hairline as it might make you look like you have sideburns and I don’t want to be responsible for a whole tribe of bearded ladies! When you find the hollow you apply the product towards the outer corner of your mouth. Depending on how dramatic you want the contouring you can bring the contour right to the corner of your mouth. I would always add a little of the product to just above your temples, this gives your face the most amazing shape. If you want to make your nose look thinner you shade the sides of your nose, and of course the opposite if you want your nose to appear shorter. Whenever I am going to be photographed or going to be on TV I contour just under my jaw line, this makes me look like I only have one chin, not 7 like I do have.

Even Kim strengthens up her jaw line!

Over the past two year brands have been bringing out products that are specifically made just to contour your face, nose, chin etc. The first brand to do this was Kevyn Aucoin with their Sculpting Powder. When you see this product you will have the fear of god put into you because the colour is so dark, but rest assured it looks great. It is the perfect colour to create a shadow. It is available in Space NK @ Harvey Nichols and costs €45.00. It comes with a sponge but I use an angled brush with it.


When I am working I tend to use cream products a lot on the face, so when Tom Ford released Shade and Illuminate I was jumping for joy! Again it is the perfect shade for just creating a shadow but has the most beautiful texture that blends perfectly on the skin. While teaching in the Beauty Bootcamp I use this product every week and one week every person on the course ran to Brown Thomas to buy it as soon as they where on lunch. The bad news is that it is €68.00 and is only available in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork.




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