Blush with blusher

For me blusher should be a hint of colour. You should look like you have just run up a flight of stairs and are a little flushed. Available in both a cream and powder finish, you decide which texture you rather. Generally cream will give you a more dewy finish and powder a more suede finish to your skin. At the moment I am using a lot of cream finishes but that could change tomorrow. Just try different finishes and see which one you prefair. As a general rule I try to use peach tones on Irish skin. The reason being that we have a lot of red in our skin and adding pink, which has a red undertone to it, will make our skin appear redder. If you then have a glass of wine and get a little flushed your cheeks will appear even redder. You can get peach tones that are bright and vibrant so if you think it will be a bore think again. If you have very sallow skin you are free to use very strong colours and they will look great. Black skin can use the most vibrant colours and have the most fun with the placement of colour.
The placement of your blusher really depends on how much colour you want to see on your face. Always apply the majority of colour on the apples of your cheek. Easiest way to find the apple is to smile like a Cheshire cat and the fleshy part of your cheek that sticks out most is the apple of your cheek. Although I apply the majority of colour here I alway blend the colour up towards the eyebrow, sometimes even as far as the temples. I know this is a little 80’s but as the tone is subtle it just looks beautiful. If your pressed for time in the morning adding blusher to your eyelids is a great way to make it look like you have a full makeup on!


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