NYC or New York Colour is a budget brand that never fails to amaze me. The price tag is so low I’m always shocked by the quality of the brand, the nail polish in particular. But enough about nails that will come later. Their blushers are great, they have an ingredient that helps absorbs oil, controlling shine so perfect if you have oily skin. It is also long lasting and lasts all day. And now for the best news ever it only costs €2.99 amazing!!!

NYC also have a cream blush stick called Blushable Crème Stick. They give you a natural flush to your cheeks, the pigment is very sheer but you can build it up to a fuller colour. For the price of the product I forgive the pigment being sheer. It is so easy to apply just use your fingers to blend. They cost €3.49.

And finally NYC have Colour Wheel Mosaic’s, there are three shades, two of them are very pink the other is a lovely golden bronze colour. They cost €3.49 and are available nationwide.

Not only is NYC one of my favourite budget brands it has won countless awards including Best Budget Brand in U Magazine’s beauty awards.





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