Stila Convertible Colour

Convertible Colour from Stila is and has been one of my favourite blushers for years! When the brand was taken out of Europe I panic bought all of the colours that I could find, then it was taken off the market completely and I think I cried big wet tears. You can imagine my delight when it returned to our shores this year. You can get the full range in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum.
Convertible Colour comes in 9 shades and it is incredibly versatile as it can be used as a blush or a lipstick and when blended properly it gives your cheeks a wonderful glow while giving your skin a very healthy dewy finish.
My two favourite colours are Gerbera and Gladiola both with orange undertones. If I’m working on sallow skin with no red in it I love to work with Petunia a wonderfully pink pink! If my client is afraid of colour but still need that healthy glow to their skin I use Lillium which is a brownish rose colour with not too much red in it so perfect for the colour-phobes out there.







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