MAC Blush

I think MAC has the biggest range of colours of blush. There is every texture and you could want. Ranging from super sheer to full on colour. Within the range are powders, creams, long wear creams and mineral. Of course there are colours that suit every skin shade and textures that will suit all skin types. All you need to do is get yourself to a MAC counter and play! You could be there for days!
I have a few favourites that I could not live without in my kit and I use them all of the time. As I said before I am using cream blushers a lot at the moment so here are my favourites. I use one from the Cremeblend Blush range and it is like carrying around healthy skin in your makeup bag! It is not very exciting when you see it, quite a dull colour but when you apply it to your face it just looks like you have the most perfect skin, I use this as an extra while doing makeup and I often apply a stronger colour on top of it to add a bit more drama. The colour I use is called Ladyblush and frankly I can’t get enough of it. When I want to add to it I generally use Posey, which is a warm peach colour and looks perfect alone or on top of Ladyblush.



If my client does not fancy cream blush my favourite MAC powder blush is Melba, a soft coral -peach tone. If you have very oily skin powders are possibly your best bet as the powder will help keep the oil at bay. For a stronger look I love Peaches, a pure peach tone which is quite sheer but you can build up the colour so that it looks stronger.




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