Philosophy’s Philosophy

Philosophy is one of those Skincare ranges that has been on my radar since it was founded in the USA in 1996. It was developed by Cristina Carlino who has over 30 years experience in clinical skincare. In fact Philosophy was not the first range that she formatted. The first skin care range was called Biomedic, and as the name suggests it was available to plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide. When Philosophy was founded it was Cristina’s goal to bring skin care that gives medical grade results to the retail market. And it is safe say that she achieved her goal!

Behind the beautifully simple packaging, one of my favourites on the market, the products are packed full of science. (Now your talking!) All of the products ingredients are medically accepted and scientifically proven. They also have a huge team of scientists and doctors that oversee the formulation of all their skin care products.

I fecking love the names that they give their products. Hope in a Jar is one of the cleverest names that a skincare product has ever been given. There are six products in the hope range. Then they have the Miracle Worker range, which is their anti-ageing range. There are two products specifically targeted at exfoliation one for daily use and another for weekly use. Then for the more sensitive out there they have the Keep the Peace range, perfect if you suffer from redness or sensitivity. And like me they believe that great skin starts with cleansing and they have three great cleansers, so there is one for all skin types.



Not only do Philosophy make the most amazing results driven skincare they also make the most amazing shower gels, which comes in an array of ‘flavours’. I have two personal favourites, Coconut and Wild Flowers, both are a feast for the senses. Coconut bringing back fond memories of past holidays.


Their fragrance range is subtle and fresh, all with the word Grace in the title. None of them are over powering all feeling fresh and simple.

Philosophy is only available in Arnotts on Henry Street and prices start from €10. They have the cutest christmas gifts that would make the perfect christmas present, what could be better that great skin for Christmas? (A puppy maybe!)



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  1. Thanks for the background story to this brand! For some reason I have overlooked it for the longest time, but after reading this post I am going to be making a purchase with my next Ulta order! Kat

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