Christmas Gifts Part 2

Here is the second instalment of my Christmas a gifts guide.

One of the brands that I get really excited about getting presents from is Chanel. There is something very exciting about seeing their beautiful ribbon around the beautiful paper that makes me feel like a child on Christmas morning. As always Chanel will gift wrap anything that you purchase from counter but they also have great gifts on counter. First and foremost being the N°5 Eau de Parfum which comes in a new iconic limited edition 200ml spray, it’s the one showcased on the infamous Brad Pitt ad. It just looks like Perfume bottles should and feels heavy and solid in your hands. There is also a limited edition 200g Bath Soap, a perfect gift for N°5 users.
I imagine that these will be a massive sellout so get shopping quick!



The Perfume that I adore most is also from Chanel, Coco. It is just the most incredible smell with top notes including pomegranate blossom peach and Jasmine, middle notes include mimosa and orange blossom and base notes include amber and sandalwood. It was launched in 1984 and the nose behind it is the amazing Jacques Polge, who has made many of Chanel’s iconic scents. I think the reason that I love it so much is because my best friend Hazel has worn it since we where teenagers and whenever I smell it I think of her.


As always Estée Lauder have an amazing offering this Christmas. With gifts ranging in price from €20.00. My favourite is the Collectable Gifts. Every year since 1963, Estée Lauder has introduced a collection of limited-edition solid perfume and refillable powder compacts. This year the collection is Zodiac inspired so you can get your own personal one. They are available from all Estée Lauder counters and cost €80.00. They sell out every year so get buying!



My second pick from Estée Laurder is the amazing mini nail lacquers. These mini nails polishes are perfectly formed! They have the iconic packaging of Estée Laurder. They are just the perfect size in nail polishes. There are two sets up for grabs, one is called New Colour Nail Lacquer and the other is Beyond Black and Metal. Both or the sets are great my personal favourite is the Beyond Black and metal with five deep dramatic shades.


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