Post Christmas treats

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I had a great Christmas and Santa was very good! If like me you totally forgot to look after your skin during the festive season because you were far too busy cooking, baking and cleaning and for some of you drinking, it’s time to give your skin a good exfoliation! This morning I got up and realised that I hadn’t done anything to my skin for almost a week except cleanse and moisturise, very unlike me! So this morning I used my Philosophy microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel pads. And my skin feels smoother already. There are 3 acids in the pads one of the main ingredients is my favourite Glycolic acid. There is also Mandelic Acid and Phytic Acid which all work together to resurface and brighten your skin. You buy a pack that has 12 pads in it and you use one every week giving you smooth and youthful skin. Available from Arnotts and cost €74.90


The next thing that I did this morning was apply a face mask, which I still have on my skin. There are a few masks that I adore. The one that I use most is from Chanel. Hydramax+ Active is an amazing hydrating mask. It hydrates your skin deep inside giving you beautifully soft and hydrated skin. They have formulated the product with Ceratonia PFA which is an ultra pure, ultra powerful ingredient which was developed exclusively by Chanel. Available nationwide and costs €47.00.


The next thing that I’m going to try do today is drink lots of water, possibly the best thing for your skin and something that I never drink enough of. It is recommended that you drink 2 litres of water everyday so that your body can work properly, I know for sure that I never quite manage to drink that amount, if Diet Coke could be included in your water intake I’d be the best boy! Available in your tap and is free (at present)!



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