A Beautiful New Year!

Firstly happy New Year, I do hope that 2013 brings good things for everyone. I have a great feeling about this year, maybe it’s the romantic in me and new year brings with it new beginnings. But I am very hopeful and optimistic for 2013. Each year myself, Glenn and our friend Siobhan write down our New Years resolutions and read them again the following year. We met yesterday for brunch and re-read last years, and I only managed to stick to one of my resolutions, one out of seven, shameful! So this year I was not as specific as I was last year in the hope that maybe I’ll manage to stick to them! (Glenn and Siobhan didn’t manage to stick to theirs either)

So a detox for my skin is on the cards, firstly I’ll be having a little peel for myself. Glycolic peels have changed my skin completely, I love them! They make your skin feel so healthy and smooth. I go to a doctor to have mine done as a medical grade one works so much better than the ones you can get in a beauticians.

Second on the list is drink plenty of water, for the year! Some days I’m great with my water intake but others I find it a real chore. I’m really going to try drink two litres every day, which is not just good for your skin but great for your whole body.


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