Chemical Peel

I get mine done by the incredible Dr. Katherine Mulrooney, who in my eyes is a genius! Since I have been going to her for peels and other things my skin has totally changed, it looks brighter and healthier and even though I do get some injectables I never look like I have! Recently Katherine has opened a brand new state of the art clinic in Ballsbridge specialising in surgical cosmetic dermatology treatments. Katherine runs the clinic with her sister Jane Mulrooney who is another skin master. I love their ethos, they don’t believe that a seventy year old woman should look 30 years younger but that they should look amazing for their age. When it comes to treatments they believe that less is more, when you go for anti-wrinkle injections you go back two weeks later for a ‘top up’, which makes sure that its never overdone! So you will never have that surprised look that I had for about three years before I started going to Katherine. You can check out their website here or call on (01) 441 0188. The clinic is located at 58 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

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