My favourite Eye Shadows

Every season all of the brands have special edition colours for us to marvel at and most of the time I manage to buy them. It’s my weakness, I have an addiction to makeup, there should be a Cosmetics Anonymous meeting for the likes of me! I love and use them but there are some products that I always end up going back to again and again, some of these I have been using since I started doing makeup about 800 years ago!

One of my all time favourite eye shadows is Kid from MAC, it is the perfect mid-brown and works on all eye colours although it is best with blue and green eyes. As with all MAC products it is highly-pigmented it applies evenly and most importantly it blends well. It is available at all MAC counters nationwide and costs €15.50


For the past year I have been using one of Tom Fords Eye Quads loads, I find it in my hands almost every time I do makeup. In fact I think I use it too much! But I fecking love it. I used it on one of my clients when she was doing a TV interview and I got hundreds of tweets asking where it was from. It is called Golden Mink and it contains four colours that work in perfect harmony with each other and has three different textures within the quad. Two of the are sheer and sparkly with the perfect amount of glitz there is one satin finish and then a wonderfully rich matte brown. You can create very subtle or very bold looks with this Eye Quad. Available exclusively in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork and costs €70.00. It comes with mini applicators and these are the only applicators that I have ever kept in my kit, there is also a mini brush that is an amazing blending brush.


Another palette that I use a lot is from Stila Cosmetics it is called ‘In The Light Palette’ and has a collection of Stila’s award winning eye shadows in ten neutral shades. It also comes with one of their mega Smudge Sticks in Damsel which is the perfect matte brown. You also get a six page lookbook with details of how to apply the shadows. Some of my favourite shades are here from the brand including Kitten which is one of the most popular eye shadows in the world. Now wait until you hear how much it is. It’s only €32.50, amazing value! The actual value is about €110.00 so there is a massive saving to be had here! Available in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre.



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