NYC Foundations


Have you tried NYC’s foundations yet? I have been amazed again by the brand, I talked about their blushers in December and I was mega impressed with them but I had not tried the foundations out properly until now so I couldn’t give them a real review. I have tried them and they are fantastic. I was really surprised by the quality of the products. The fragrance of them is great too, smells like a ‘ladies’ makeup, if that makes sense. There are four types of foundation in the range so most skin types covered. What’s more all of the foundations have been dermatologically tested so should be ok for the sensitive types! The only downfall with these foundations is the lack of shades for darker skin tones, hopefully they will come in time.

My favourite foundation that they have is NYC Skin Matching Foundation. This product has a Tone to Tone shade adjusting technology which blends seamlessly for a natural radiant look. It has been infused with vitamins A, C & E, moisturisers and a blend of minerals which all gives you a lightweight and moisturised finish. Now for the best news ever it only costs €3.99.


The other foundation from the range that I was mega impressed with was their All Day Long Foundation. I think that a lot of long wear foundations leave your skin feeling dried out but yet again NYC has proved me wrong. This lightweight foundation is moisturising and also has a light diffusing effect which will have your skin looking glowing but it also has a ‘smart formula’ which will keep oil at bay. Again the price point of this foundation is a fraction of what any prestige brand would be coming in at €3.99.



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  1. Ahhhh! I almost got the skin matching foundation last night at Target, but I put it back because I had doubts! :-S I have to go back as soon as they open and get it! Thanks for the review, I would have missed out if I hadn’t read this. Kat

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