Ojon Haircare

I have been using Ojon Haircare since early December, and I find it great! If I use the shampoo, conditioner and Oil I find that my hair is too soft! So I flipped between the products to see which I loved most, and the shampoo and conditioner won for my hair. I have used the Rare Blend Oil on jobs and it really helped with dry and unruly hair, it even helped with dry scalp too. All of the ingredients that are found in Ojon Oil are found in the world’s rain-forests. The raw ingredients are sourced responsibly. Meaning that we get the benefits of these incredible ingredients while the indigenous groups that harvest them with centuries-old harvesting processes get a steady source of income. The company even give a portion to the Miskito Indian tribes that help preserve the rain-forests.
The products where introduced in America in 2003 and have been growing ever since, now available in 4 continents.

The star of the range is the Rare Blend Ojon Oil which features 7 naturally reparative oils from around the world. Used as a daily treatment it improves shine and tames even the wildest frizz. It is perfect for hair that gets knotty. You can also use in on your hair after you have dried it to protect against the heat of straighting irons. It is similar to Moroccan Oil in that it is an oil, but that’s where the similarities end, it is much lighter than Moroccan oil and it smells amazing, they use Gardenia flowers in one of the oils (possibly the most amazing scent!). Costs €34.00 and is exclusive to Arnotts


The shampoo and conditioner is lovely, smells great and leaves your hair looking and feeling mega! As with all good shampoo and conditioners a little goes a long way. Your hair only has the ability to absorb so much, if you use more than a 50c coin size amount of product you are just waisting it, washing it down the drain! So a bottle should last ages. So really buying expensive shampoo and conditioner you end up possibly spending the same amount as you would if you where buying supermarket brands as you need to use more of these to get them working. Costs from €20.00.

These mega products are available exclusively in Arnotts, Henry Street and cost




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