Golden Globes

So the awards season kicked off last night in LA. The Golden Globes where held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

I am amazed at how bad the makeup was this year, with a lot of actors using far too much and looking really cheap, which really surprises me as stars usually have great makeup as they hire the best makeup artists. So what was going on in Tinsel Town yesterday?? I know that acclaimed international makeup artist Billy B has just recently been appointed as a L’Oreal ambassador, so he would have been doing a lot of the looks for yesterday for L’Oreal. In general I am huge fan of his work, so I am looking forward to finding out which stars he did. And hopefully it won’t be some of the ones that I found terrible.

Of course there were some stunning looks at the awards, proper Hollywood style and glamour but these where not as abundant as in other years. These are the stars that shone brightly last night.

The Good:

Marion Cotillard wears simple makeup with beautiful skin and a little drama around the eyes. Incredibly simple and really beautiful. She has really defined her brows for this look, making it look really polished. She wears a Christian Dior Haute Couture dress that she helped design.



Jennifer Lawrence looks just how a starlet should look on the red carpet. Beautifully simple hair swept off her face so you can see her amazing skin in its whole glory! This hair would be quite simple to recreate at home. Her skin looks flawless, barely any coverage, just perfect evenly toned skin. Her eye makeup is perfect for her eye shape and colour, the warm tones really setting off her natural eye colour. The way that the darkness is only at the outer corners really makes her eyes appear bigger and makes them the focal point on her face, perfect when the world is looking at you! Then she used a nude lip with just a hint of colour. Sublime!! She was also in Dior Haute Couture.



Julianne Moore looked every bit the Hollywood star last night. Her hair was in a simple chignon, chic, shiny and effortless. Her skin looks flawless with the perfect amount of foundation and concealer for it to look perfect but you can still see her wonderful freckles, perfection! There is the perfect amount of sheen on her skin that makes it look more youthful. Her eye makeup is perfect for her eye shape and colour, it makes them appear wider and bigger and lashings of mascara makes them look sexy. The one thing that I would change is her lips, they needed to be lined, as the night went on they started to bleed and using the right lip liner would have eliminated this. Her dress is from Tom Ford and is perfect in every way, elegant yet sexy.




Amanda Seyfried looked absolutely stunning last night. Her hair is an updated version of the classic 1940’s finger-wave, beautifully executed. Really simple yet makes a statement. Her makeup was flawless, beautiful skin with just a hint of peach colour on the cheeks. Her bright eyes were really made the focal point of her face by using perfect colours to contrast her eye colour, the feline shape making them look super sexy and alluring. I love that she has countless layers of mascara on her lashes making them look heavy and sexy. And the perfectly peach lip ties the whole look together. Her dress was a custom Givenchy (which she announced on E Live that she gets to keep) which fitted like a glove and made the most of her body.




Anne Hathaway has stolen my heart, have you seen her in Les Miserables? I managed to get invited to the Irish Premier last Monday and I cried for days after! Before I saw this movie I never really took notice of her, didn’t dislike her but she was never really on my radar. But she is now at the forefront and is possibly the most searched name on my Google account this week. Her makeup was perfectly simple last night, no strong statements were made, beautifully groomed eyebrows and perfectly shaped lips really set off the look. I love that she didnt go very strong on her lips as her lips are so big a stronger colour would of been the only thing you would see! Her dress was from Chanel and just perfect!



The Bad

Claire Danes who usually looks amazing on the red carpet looked far too made up last night. Her far too dark smokey eye really took over her whole face and made her look older than she is. I am aware that in general she looked great, she chose the perfect dress and her body look amazing considering she just had a baby a few weeks ago. But the smokey eye is far too much. Her skin does look beautiful but to be honest I can not see past the bad eye makeup. I do love her hair, it a big throwback to the 1990’s which will be everywhere this year and manages to make me feel very old.



For such a beautiful woman Eva Longoria makes some of the biggest crimes when it comes to makeup, remember the brightening powder under her eyes? Again she had too much makeup on last night, she looks over made up. Her choice of lipstick was far too nutural and makes her look like she has no lips, a huge mistake when you’re going to be in front of flashing cameras, brides take note!



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