Marie Reynolds Candles

Marie Reynolds is a beauty guru from London who has over 25 years in the beauty world. She has studied Beauty Therapy, Homeopathy and Genetics. She has written 3 books which feature all things beauty, skin and nutrition. So when someone with this amount of experience brings her wares to us we should pay attention! She has a range of the most beautiful candles. Based with Organic Soya, Moroccan Argan Oil, Shea & Avocado Butters & infused with essential oils & fragrances. Not only do these candles smell AMAZING they have another use, when burned the oil can be used as a massage oil. I see many massages in my future and poor Glenn with very tired hands! They are so versatile they can also be added to sea salt for body scrubs, mixed with body muds for wraps, you can use them as solid perfumes or lip balms. These are really a recession busting buy, how many uses does one product have to have! The wax has a low melting point so you will not burn yourself (well Glenn won’t burn himself!) while scooping the oil out. Not willing to stick with massage Marie has also added to the collection four Mankind Aftershave Balms to soothe and heal the skin and two Lush Locks, Hair Treatment Candles, ideal for an overnight nourishing & hydrating hair mask.

There are two sizes available, a 135g which has a 25 hour burning time which costs €40.00 and a smaller 50g version which has a 10 hour burning time which costs €11.50, this size is perfect for a dirty weekend away! They will be available from the begining of Feburary from YC Beauty in Sandymount and will be available online from Marie Reynolds Online




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