Catrice Spring/Summer

Catrice has taken its direction for their Spring/Summer collection right off the catwalks from Fashion Shows from the worlds Fashion Capitals. In their new collection you will find many textures and some great strong colours. Metallic finishes mixed alongside matt finishes are all over the collection.


As always this brand brings you great value products. They have great colours and some great textured products. I particularly like their new Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof which is highly pigmented and comes in different effects. It is really soft and easy to apply, if you plan on blending this pencil do it really quickly as if you let it dry it is impossible to blend (which is a good thing if you time it right!). The pencil is automatic which you twist to get out. If the tip is too rounded there is a sharpener at the end of the pencil. It is available is 8 colours including a fantastic yellow! I will be using this on a shoot sometime soon! Available nationwide and costs €2.59.Catr_LongLastingEP_lila



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