How to Get The Look


This look is all about the skin and contouring with a strong graffic eye.
Before I started with makeup I gave Caitlyn our beautiful model a Alpha H Face Mask, to really fill her skin with moisture. I love the Balancing and Pore Refining Mask from Alpha H.

On Caitlyn I used MAC Face and Body in C2 mixed with Becca Perl Illuminator, I used equal amounts of each so that her skin would be very light reflective. If you are going to try this at home maybe use 2/3 Face and Body and 1/3 Becca. I blended the foundation mix with my fingers only, starting at the bridge of the nose and blending outwards towards the hairline. This gives you the perfect amount of foundation to cover what needs to be covered and you never get that look of too much makeup.



Then to contour the face I used Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. Feel the side of your face, right on front of your ear you will feel a small hollow, that is the starting point of your coutouring. If you apply the contouring product starting here and bring it towards the outer part of your mouth. When you have applied the contour blend it downwards, do not blend it so much that the shadow disappears, you want to see a shadow here as that is what creates the hollow on your face and makes your cheekbones stand out.


To highlight Caitlyn’s cheekbones I use my favourite highlighter from Chanel called Luna (tragically it was a limited edition a few Christmas’ ago and is no longer available). You could use the illumination side of the Tom Ford or even use a pearly white eyeshadow. Apply the highlighter all over the cheekbone and also bring it above your brows to create a beautiful sheen.



Then for the eyes I started out using a kohl pencil from MAC to acheive the desired shape. Always have cotton buds at hand so you can correct any mistakes that you make while getting the shape right. When I was happy with the shape I got a small synthetic brush and my Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC and coloured in the shape. This makes the eye makeup very “strong” and will stay in place for the night! If you wanted to you could add a dab of black glitter to the centre of the lid for a little extra drama.

M5F304 M1XG01

For the lips I really didn’t want them to stand out or be glossy in any way so I use a cream blusher instead of a lipstick. I had prepped them with Eight Hour Cream so they where hydrated and then used one of my favourite blushers from Stila on them. I applied it with my fingers so it was not defined in any way.

DownloadedFile s00203_product_detail

I hope you enjoyed this look and if you try it out I would love to see photos!

The shoot was shot by Rich Gilligan and styled by Alison Conneely. Hair was by Padraig O’Cathain

_MG_7210_1_2 _MG_7087_1_2


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