Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical Nail Bar opened in Dublin’s South William Street late last year and is very quickly becoming THE place to get your nails did! I was in there this afternoon having a manicure and I loved it! The decor looks like the name, with a coffee table in the shape of a pineapple. I was chatting to my nail technician Jess and she informed me that their uniform consists of Leopard Print, Floral Print or Neon, I think I want to work here à la Bet Lynch! The salon is spotlessly clean with everything being disinfected (including my hands!).


The store was inspired on a roadtrip around america and they have taken all of the good bits that you would find in one of the American nail bars and added a little tropical sunshine to it! The bathroom has leopard skin wallpaper and bright pink floors!

Now for possibly greatest thing about Tropical Popical the prices! A nail polish change is only €7.00, a basic manicure which includes file, soak, cuticle work and removal, polish and cuticle oil is only €13.00. They do pedicures too and prices start at €21.00, i will be heading in for one very soon!

They use OPI and Ciate nail products. I got offered a Lilt and a Bounty Bar while I was there, very 1980’s!





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