Teint Visionnaire

So Ladies, just in time for Valintines Day Lancôme are launching a very exciting new foundation. If you remember I wrote about Visionnaire Serum in December, one of my favourite serums, well they have added the serum to a foundation. Could a foundation be any better??? What is new about the product is that it have two elements to it. Firstly you have the incredible foundation that has 2% concentration of LR24122, the magical ingredient from Visionnaire. In the lid of the bottle you will find a corrector, that is enriched with vitamin CG, known for its brightening action. This will give you the perfect higher coverage for problem areas. As they are sold in one bottle you will never need to ponder about which concealer shade you need. Genius!
We are becomming far more demanding of our products, expecting them to ‘double job’. Lancôme have really nailed our demands with this product. Giving perfect looking skin with the foundation and any blemishes will be hidden with the corrector. Not only will you skin look good but as the foundation is also skincare it promises to visibly improve skin quality within 4 weeks. This is acheived by marrying the incredible science in Visionnaire and the expertise from Lancôme’s makeup artists.
There are 18 shades in the collection, ranging from pale to deep tones so there should be one for everyone. It will be on all Lancôme counters on 14th February and will cost you €45.00. As always I would recommend applying this with your fingers, do not forget to make sure that the shade is right for your skin colour!
Lancome have done some clinical testing and these show some great results, looking forward to seeing the results when the product is used for longer periods of time.
Results of testing:
  • 17% reduction in pore size
  • 17% improvement in skin uniformity
  • 19% improvement in radiance
  • 29% reduction in size of dark spots
  • 22% reduction in wrinkles
  • 28% reduction in hyperpigmentation

**Clinical test carried out on 49 women after 4 and 8 weeks’ product use.




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