Blanc de la Mer from Crème de la Mer

Crème de la Mer have a new product available from February and I think it may just change some people’s lives! It is called Blanc de la Mer The Brightening Facial. Crème de la Mer the cream was the brainchild of aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber. Dr Huber suffered burns to his skin in a laboratory accident over 50 years ago and as a scientist he went on a mission to help his skin regenerate. He believed the sea was the place to look for his miracle, and specifically sea kelp. Sea kelp has strong nourishing properties and an endless ability to regenerate. So he hand-harvested and fermented kelp gently with simple, pure ingredients, infusing them with light and sound until they became the Miracle Broth™, the base of all Crème de la Mer products. With his new miracle broth he renewed and helped restore the look of his skin. When the results were so good he made the brand Crème de la Mer and here we are 50 years later.
Scientists at Max Huber Research Labs developed the Blanc de la Mer Brightening Collection to address the look of discolouration, spots and uneven skin tone. Perfect for anyone who has sun damage or even the dreaded pregnancy vail, make sure to check that the ingredients are safe for pregnant or breast feeding moms. The Brightening Collection has advanced science engineered into its core and working gently alongside the Miracle Broth™ gives you back a youthful complexion.
The Brightening Facial is a key part to the Brightening Collection, a gentle yet powerful 2-step, 2-zone mask designed to supercharge your skin with brightening and hydration benefits. Step one: Infused with Crème de la Mer’s legendary Miracle Broth,™ the Infusion Primer calms and soothes the look of skin, preparing it to receive intense brightening. Step two: The pure ultra luxurious mask, infused with the equivalent of over one full bottle of the Brightening Essence, targets multiple veils of discolouration for clearer, purified looking skin. The 2-zone pure cotton mask delivers intense brightening ingredients deeper into the skin for a look of unprecedented brilliance. This amazing two-part system targets the look of dark spots and discolouration while boosting moisture levels and making your skin translucent. You get 6 applications in each box and as you use each application a clearer and more translucent complexion will become apparent. It even promises to reduce the look of redness.
It will be available nationwide in February and will cost €230.00, which seems expensive but where would you get 6 facials for this price??
Cream de la mer

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