Sisley, Buff and Wash

I wrote about the brand Sisley a few weeks back. He is my first review of one of their products, they do not disappoint!

Buff and Wash Facial Gel is Sisley’s most popular cleansing product in Ireland and after using it for a few weeks I totally understand why. It is a unisex product which leaves your skin feeling fresh and awake in the morning. It contains natural plant extracts and essential oils, Verbena and Lavender, which gently cleanse your skin and also exfoliates dead skin cells. There is nothing better for your skin than exfoliating. It has soy which has soothing properities and poppy which will soften your skin but also makes this cleanser and exfoliator extreamly gentle and can be used every day. The ultra-mild formula preserves the skin’s natural pH. There is also extract of lemon which will help make your skin more radiant. Your skin feels softer and smoother instantly and after a few weeks the texture improved so much. Use this product on both your face and neck to get the best results and make sure to use quick stroking movements with moist fingertips while you cleanse. Then all you need to do is rinse thoroughly and get on with the rest of your routine.

Costs €78.50 .Sisley is exclusive to Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork.gel_nettoyant_gommant.jpg


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