Marks and Spencer’s Your Beauty

I was intrigued to go to the launch of the new beauty hall Your Beauty in Marks and Spencer last week. I had no idea what to expect, somewhere in my mind I thought it would be lots of rose scented hand lotions. How wrong was I. It has some of the most amazing products there. With skincare that I am so excited to have on our shores, very exciting things indeed. I will go into detail later, first lets talk about the area itself. It is on the first floor of the Mary Street branch, Grafton Street and Dundrum to follow soon. The lighting is perfect, giving you a real look at what the products look like on your face. The staff have been trained in every brand that is stocked so you are going to get an honest opinion from them. They are not loyal to any one brand, I find this very exciting as you are going to get what will suit you and your skin. I think they are onto a winner here.


They have handpicked niche products from around the world that will have your skin and hair looking amazing. The good people over at Marks and Spencer have spent months searching for brands that offer the very best of nature and science. Every brand has been picked for its unique story from Apivita, a natural brand from Greece, whose main ingredient is derived from Greek honey bees to NeoStem Serum, a ground breaking anti-ageing product which was designed in a lab in France to help stop the premature aging in children with a rare disease and a % of their profits goes back into research. These brands are available exclusively at Your Beauty, M&S. Of course M&S have some of their own brands there but they have all been given a makeover, and they have added a few new ones too. The one I got most excited about was Lyn Harris Perfumer London, this exquisite range of fragrances for both men and women has been created by the über fabulous perfumer Lyn Harris, she has even created some home candles for me, I mean us. I have got all of the scent’s and I really am not sure which one I like most. I may just have to buy them all again just to be sure! They burn for many many hours, I think each candle burns for 60 hours and they cost just €20.00, which for a Lyn Harris candle is amazing value!



Now for my favourite products that they have. I adore science in skincare and more importantly I love the results that you get from the products. M&S have some of the most incredible products/ranges available to us. NeoStem active serum is AMAZING, this active serum which fights against signs of lipoatrophy and premature aging with a unique and synergetic combination of 2 active ingredients, Omega Statine and Z-Dronate. Those two molecules stimulate collagen synthesis for denser skin and promote the cellular division mechanism for a lasting revitalisation and rejuvenation. This patented synergy slows down production of Progerin, an aging protein, and boosts stem cell renewal. Or in normal english it makes you young and pretty!! Costs €80.00 and is exclusive to M&S. Filorga is another range on offer in Your Beauty, this range from Paris is brilliant! Some of the products promise to mimic the effects of injectable anti-aging solutions and Meso Therapy, sounds mega! I have tried the foam cleanser and it is deadly! My skin felt amazingly clean and fresh after using it and it stars hyaluronic acid which will hydrate your skin as well as help resurface it. They also have some dinky hardware in the range with a light therapy devise on offer for you. I will be getting these as soon as I can afford them, but can my skin afford not to have them??? The range starts at €27.00



For haircare they have the King of shampoos Philip Kingsley’s range there, which is quite simply one of the best haircare brands. They also have Tara Smith, a British brand of vegan hair products which has a huge celeberity following and quite possibly the cutest packaging ever!


So I will be spending far too much time and money in M&S in the future and I can’t wait for it to be available in Dundrum (which is five minutes up the road). Here’s a lovely photo of me at the launch! Morto!!!




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    APIVITA is the oldest Greek manufacturer of Natural, Holistic and Natural range of beauty and lifestyle products. At Vain-Pot, I try and embrace all things natural and organic, provided they work. The serum’s work wonders for your face – but don’t forget your neck. So many often do …

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