I got myself some happy yesterday morning in House of Fraser in Dundrum, a Voya Reed Diffuser. I opened it this afternoon and at this moment my whole house smells of the AMAZING scent. My sitting room smells like a fancy Spa it’s perfect and it only costs €40.00.


Have your tried this 100% Irish brand yet? It is one of my all time favourite Irish brands, and I use three of their products all of the time. I love their nourishing serum called My Little Hero, €55.00, I use this once a week to really hit my skin up with some fantastic antioxidants and really incredible nourishing goodies in there too! It is made up of a restorative blend of organic oils which feeds your skin and leaves your skin looking glowing the following morning. As it is made up of oils I use this at night as my skin is far too oily to add extra oil to it during the day.


I also love their Muslin Facial Cloths, €12.00 for three, which are made using 100% organic cotton and are soil association approved.


I also use their shower gel, which has the most amazing smell, actually every one of their products have the most beautiful smell. And best of all, it’s 100% Irish and organic where possible with most of the products having 97% organic ingredients and always 100% natural.


I get my Voya in House of Fraser but it is available nationwide and can be found in Spa’s too.



  1. Thanks for the reviews. Glad you like our products! Contrary to what people may think, while all our products contain the goodness of seaweed they don’t smell like seaweed! My personal fave is the Squeaky Clean Body Wash…it smells yummy!

    1. I am a convert! I had friends for dinner on Saturday night and they are all going to buy them!! What could be nicer than your house smelling like a Spa. I am going to buy more for the rest of the house! I can’t wait for one of them to run out so I can put the reeds into the hot press!

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