On Location

Today I’m working on a look-book for an Irish fashion designer. We have an incredible Hawthorne tree from Connemara on set and even part of a Connemara wall! It’s very exciting.

The girl that we are using has the most beautiful skin, so I’m only using Giorgio Armani Maestro, no need for any concealer! Making my job so easy today! I do love Maestro, the texture of it is so beautiful, the skin feels like velvet when you apply it right. Alway apply with your fingers!! On the girls eye I’m using a mix of MAC pigment in Neo-Orange a neon orange colour which I think is mega and Tom Ford’s Burnished Amber which is a mixture of burned reds and oranges. I also used Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate on the brow bone to add another dimension to the eye shape.

For the nails I’m using Butter London’s new collection. I’m in live with this brand and their spring colours are fab! I particularly love Jasper.

For the lips I’ve used a nude colour lipstick and then added a little of the foundation on top to almost erase them but they are still hydrated and slightly defined.









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