Sisley’s Perfect Pout

I am sorry about the radio silence this past week, I have been incredibly busy. But the good new is that I have also been busy testing out new products and I will be reviewing later today.

Firstly I want to let you all know about Sisley’s new red lipstick. I used it last Friday on a job I did for Brown Thomas that will be in tomorrows Irish Independent.


The beauty of these lipsticks is that they are hydrating and long-lasting which was the brand goal when creating the lipsticks. They offer both amazing long lasting colour but they also feel like lip conditioner. Which is hard to achieve when the pigment is so strong. In order to accomplish this, Sisley decided to use the treated-pigment technology, opting for two complementary surface treatments: Titanium Oxide: a white pigment coated with a specific film-forming agent that reinforces pigment maintenance on the surface and ensures improved colour hold. Colour pigments: which create a ‘hook’ system and improve the staying power of colour on the lips for perfect adhesion. What does that mean?? Basically means that your lipstick goes on evenly, covers perfectly lasts for four hours and feels amazing! Did I mention the smell and taste? It’s beautiful, it smells and tastes like ‘Lady’ makeup, something really comforting about it. Some of the ingredients include Vitamin C Palmitate and Vitamin E which will protect you lips and Calendula which will soften them. The new shade for Spring /Summer is L33, which is the most perfect blue red. It may be my new favorite red lipstick! I know I will have to hide it from my best friend Hazel as she has a deep love for red lipsticks and this would possibly make her lip-drobe complete!   Another genius thing about these lipsticks is the shape of the lipstick bullet, it is twisted so makes your application precise and the outline perfectly neat.



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