French Nude Collection Nail Lacquers from Estée Lauder

Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director at Estée Lauder has designed this great collection of nude nail polishes. There are five shades. Here’s what Tom Pecheux had to say about the lacquers “I chose these shades to suit every type of woman – her skintone, her personality, her point of view” The polishes range from fair to dark and warm to cool, these flattering flesh tone shades provide nails with a subtly feminine, barely there look.

“This collection is like foundation for nails,” stated Tom Pecheux. “It’s all about enhancing nails, rather than making a big statement with colour.” The chocolaty brown, creamy cocoa, milky beige and soft pink hues of these clean and sophisticated nail lacquers are a subtle and monotone, yet versatile array of shades. There are natural shades that perfectly match skintone to extend and elongate fingers or shades that contrast skintone for a more dramatic and daring nail look. I think these polishes are the perfect shades.


The names of the lacquers are Bittersweet, Diabolique, So Vain, Nudité and Ballerina Pink. They are all 9ml and cost €20.00. Enjoy!


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