Dylan Bradshaw

I recently went into Dylan Bradshaw for a haircut. This was the first time that I had been into Dylan’s South William Street store, and I was mega impressed! It almost feels like you are checking into a fancy New York hotel when you arrive. The interior design is sublime, it has the most beautiful pallet of grey, black and white. Which are my favorite colours, anyone who has been to my house knows this! So I felt right at home straight away. You know sometimes when you arrive at a fancy place and you instantly start fixing yourself making sure that you look like you should be there? Well, when you walk into Dylan’s it feels like you have just popped into a really fancy friends for a cuppa. The staff are very welcoming and super friendly, and not overly so which I hate. While I was waiting to have my haircut I was given a drinks menu, yes a menu which included wine and beer, me being a total bore had a glass of water, which came in a real glass (again I know I sound like a princess but I really hate plastic cups!).


I had booked my appointment with Stephen Kelly, who I have known for years, we have worked together on shoots and laughed together in pubs! I had never had a haircut by him and I loved what he did, it was exactly what I wanted, I didn’t even have to say what I wanted he knew instinctively what was needed. This quality is very rare in a hairdresser and it is worth its weight in gold. After my consultation with Stephen I was brought into the shampoo area, which is a separate area on the main floor with possibly the funkiest basins I have ever seen, which include Shiatsu Massage. I really wanted to stay in the shampoo room for longer but my hints were far too subtle.


After I had my haircut I was treated to a tour of the whole building, which is huge! On the main floor you will find the makeup application stations and main hair salon, on the first floor is the colour area and they have a terrace with beautiful couches where, weather permitting, you can let your colour develop. Then there is the academy; there are two rooms dedicated to the academy, both of which are kitted out to the highest standards. I find that sometimes academies are the cheaper sister of the main salon, not here. They have been beautifully decorated and have the best equipment available. They also have a private area for hairdressing where their celeb clients get their hair done but you can book this room for yourself if needed, it can also be booked for wedding parties at no extra charge.




Dylan Bradshaw launched DB Face a few years ago and it has gone from strength to strength. The collection has everything that you need in your makeup bag from brushes to liner. My favourite product from the range is Blush Glow, a beautiful cream blush which has illuminating properties and adds just a hint of beautiful colour to your cheeks. Their Dual Action Make-up Remover is great too and gets rid of the all traces of makeup, amazing when sometimes you almost need a blowtorch to get rid of some colour products. The face of DB Face is one Irelands true beauties, Sharon Corr.


There are lots of courses available in Dylan Bradshaw Academy, not just hair! They have nail courses including beginners, gel/acrylic nails and UV polish courses. The natural nail and Gel / Acrylic course is four weeks long and the UV Polish course is two full days. They also have makeup courses available; a beginner to intermediate and an intermediate to advanced course. Places are limited on the course so you are assured of individual attention. The course price includes a set of brushes and you also get 30% discount on the DD Face range while you’re attending the course. The class is three hours long and the course is five weeks long.


For more information check out their website here. or call (01) 6719353 they even have an option to have a Skype Consultation on their website!



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