Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream


If you don’t have a tube of Eight Hour Cream by now it’s time you got one! It is the miracle product that is loved by everyone who tries it. It is so popular that one tube is sold every 30 seconds, which for a product that was created in 1930 by Miss Elizabeth Arden herself, really confirms its status as a cult product. In 1930 it was an instant success and created quite the stir in the beauty business at the time. It worked so well that Miss Arden even used it to soothe her adored famous thoroughbred horses’ legs, as it was so beneficial to her clients. And for years there have been rumors that the product was designed by an equestrian doctor and I have even heard that a burns specialist had designed it. But these are just rumors! It was the master work of Miss Elizabeth Arden!

To cement it’s status as a cult favorite you will find it in the makeup bag of celebrities, makeup artists, models and beauty experts and a whole lot of women! One of the issues that I had with Eight Hour cream was that the taste of it was a little strong and some of the models hated it, I still used it though. Now they have launched the fragrance free version and to be honest I jumped with glee when I was restocking my kit at the Arden counter and I noticed that it was available in a fragrance free version. Now nobody has any issues with it, and everyones lips are perfectly hydrated, all a makeup artist could wish for!

Although I use it mainly as a lip hydrator in my kit it has many many uses. It’s the ultimate multi-tasker, like the original, works on limitless grievances including dry elbows, eyebrows, cuticles, insect bites, windburn or is perfect as a gloss for lips, lashes and cheeks and even to add a sheen to hairstyles. Just be careful not to use too much of it as it is super concentrated.

It costs €31.00 which I know some of you will think is too expensive but a tube will last for so long and it is worth every cent. I always buy it in airports as they always have great deals, I am not sure if the Fragrance Free version is included in these offers but assume they are.


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