Chanel Les Beiges Collection


Peter Philips has done it again. He has created a product that is going to revolutionize makeup. A few years ago he did the same for lipstick when he brought us Rouge Coco. With the new LES BEIGES collection he has changed the foundations of our makeup routine, really making a huge difference to how we are going to do our makeup. What these products do is gives you a perfectly healthly glow, making you look like you have had the perfect weekend in sunshine, not sitting at your desk with your jacket still on because you’re freezing! Peter Philips knows how hard it is for caucasian and Asian skin tones to achieve the subtle naturalness of a healthy glow. These products are not bronzing, iridescent or whitening but offer you the most invisible perfect skin. What that all means is that Chanel have given us perfect looking, sun-kissed skin as a gift for the summer! And most importantly it will not look orange or look like you are trying change your ethnic origins! Genius!!

Les Beiges - €48.00.

Here’s what Peter Philips had to say about the collection: “I wanted a refined, visible yet discreet result,” he explained. “I had to avoid the trap of excessive pearly effects and flamboyant tans to achieve this healthy glow. I worked with the Chanel laboratories for months to compose the perfect range of beige shades.” This neutral colour also reminds Peter Philips of the palette of Parisian beiges. “When I’m in New York and I think of Paris, a particular light comes to mind,” he says. “A beige halo that seems to have absorbed the hue of the old buildings. it also conjures up the gabardine of a trench coat cinched at the waist, the sand of a beach in normandy, a bare leg in the midst of winter…”

Not happy enough with giving us perfect looking skin Peter and the team from the Chanel Laboratories have also made these products smart. They have incorporated Open-sky technology to the products. This technology protects your skin from the sun, SPF ranging from SPF15 – SPF30 depending on the product. It also shelters your skin from pollution and oxidative stress. Les Beiges interpret the concept of well-being by boosting their formulas with the open Air care complex. The products are enriched with cotton flower and white rose plant cells, this complex gives each product biomimetic action. The membrane of these natural ingredients is in perfect affinity with the membrane of the epidermal cells: this allows the ingredients to diffuse their protein and vitamin-rich active molecules inside the epidermis. the skin is better protected against pollution, dehydration and environmental stress factors.


The packaging as always with Chanel products is impeccable yet unexpected. For as long as I have been doing makeup the look of Chanel packaging has always been the same, beautiful black case with the Chanel logo in the centre. For the Les Beige collection the colours are reversed, the background goes nude and the iconic logo is black. The brush that you get with each product is a sculpted in a half-moon shape, designed to follow the curves of the face. “You have to be able to apply your makeup without thinking about it,” explains Peter Philips. “And even though the case contains a wide-angle mirror, you can sweep on some beige with your eyes closed. i guarantee that the result will be perfectly natural.”

The healthy glow palette comes in a range of subtle shades the meet the needs of all caucasian and Asian skin tones. They range from n°10 to n°70, seven precise shades with that will have your skin looking refined and flawless and like you have just come in from the sun.

The face of the collection is Gisele Bundchen the Brazilian Supermodel, who looks amazing in the ad. I think she is the perfect choice for the ‘Face’ of the product. The image was shot by one of the worlds most famous photographers Mario Testino. It really is beautiful.


They have also brought out a new Kabuki Brush along with the LES BEIGE collection, which is possibly the most beautiful brush that has been brought out in ages! The texture of the hair is wonderful. It almost feels like they have been dipped in moisturiser they are that soft! It is also retractable so very handy for your handbag. I know I will be purchasing a few of these for my kit!

All of the products are available to buy now at all Chanel counters. LES BEIGES POUDRE BELLE MINE NATURELLE costs €48.00 and the LES BEIGES KABUKI BRUSH costs €44.00



  1. I am not going to lie to you I got this cause I want to look like Gisele- it’s gonna happen right? Himself said he would get me some makeup as a treat and when he asked the price he thought you got all six shades for 48 euro… Bless it smells amazing have yet to give it a proper use

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