Guest Post, Estée Lauder Mad Men® Collection

Remember a few weeks ago I ran a competition for one of you to head into Brown Thomas to have your makeup done by Estée Lauder using products from the new Mad Men® collection? Well Cathy who won the the prize has very kindly written a review of her appointment, which I think is deadly!

“What better start could you have to the weekend than being handed a glass of Buck’s Fizz and getting beautified? I got looked after by the lovely Asta ( owner of the most perfect eyebrows I’ve ever seen) as Alan was giving a group lesson. Nevertheless, I was privy to his hilarious running commentary throughout!

Asta cleansed, moisturised and primed my face before applying concealer and foundation, which I think was Double Wear Light. It gave a flawless, medium coverage base which lasted well, but unfortunately oxidised on me later in the night. I have combination skin, so this is an issue for me with several foundations. At that stage it was late enough not to matter as it was Cinderella time anyway and the only place I was headed was my bed!

As I usually go for a smokey eye/neutral lip, Asta suggested a bronzed, smoked out look to complement my blue eyes, which she achieved using the Pure Colour Five Colour palette in ‘Bronze Dunes’. This is a beautifully packaged palette and as I have quite a few similar colours in my stash already I really wanted to see how to make the most of them. Asta applied brown pencil and blended over the lid to provide a base for the powder products. She layered the shadows and expertly blended them to create a very sophisticated and polished look. I especially liked how she consulted with me to see how dark I wanted to go and how far up on the brow bone to take the darker contour. I am very fussy about my eye makeup and my eyes can often look round if the shadow isn’t take up and out to to side if the eye. Full marks to Asta in this respect as so many makeup artist just do whatever they like without referring to the client’s own preferences. The look was finished with lashings of black mascara and tight lining of the waterline to maximise impact.

I have always found contouring tricky, probably due to a perfect storm of using the wrong products for my uber pale skin, choosing unsuitable brushes, and general crappy technique. Asta gave me a quick tutorial and demonstrated a foolproof method of contouring. She also applied highlight and warmed up my corpse like pallor with a dust of Mad Men See Thru Blush in ‘Light Show’. As I’d gone for a smokey eye, Asta finished by applying Aerin Lauder lipgloss in the most aptly named ‘Perfect Nude’, a beautifully packaged product which I simply could not leave without. I purchased both the lipgloss and one of the new collection nude nail enamels.

I particularly want to commend Asta not alone for her superb skills but also her engaging manner. We had a great natter on a broad range of topics, including Irish attitudes to punctuality ( err… flexible), tradesmen and getting jobs done around the house (generally an unmitigated nightmare) and the difficulty of finding a perfect black suit. I thoroughly enjoyed getting my makeup done by Asta and will be back.”

Thank you so much Cathy for taking the time to write a review, it’s brilliant!! And has given me ideas to have a regular guest posts on the blog. If anyone would like to be a guest blogger on BeautyBaked send me a message here or mail me at and we can sort it!

Thanks guys!

Leonard xx



  1. sounds like i have same skin type and colouring as this girl so that was really interesting to me. would love to guest blog!

  2. Argh, the typos! Serves me right for not proof reading!

    T’was a pleasure to send in the review Leonard, would love to do another guest post again in future if you require my services. I promise I won’t litter the posts with mistakes though!

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