Essence Hand Cream


I always have a hand cream within four feet of me! I love it, in my line of work I am always washing my hands and putting hand sanitise on, which of course leads to dry hands. Hence a hand cream on my person at all times! Our very good friends ay Essence are bringing us two types of “design edition” hand cream this Spring/Summer. There are two types of hand cream, the first is a 2in1 hand and nail balm which pampers hands, nails and cuticles. It has yoghurt extracts and calcium which will soften your skin and help strengthen your nails. It is absorbed into the skin really fast so leaves no oily residue. And the best news??? It only costs €1.49. The second one is 24h hand protection balm, the ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil which are super moisturising so this hand cream is for anyone who has dryer. It is rich enough to use as a treatment overnight, all you do is lather up your hands with more cream than usual and then put on a pair of cotton gloves over them, you’ll thank me the next day! Most pharmacy’s will have the cotton gloves and the cost about €5.00, they are washable so will last ages! The 24-hour protection balm is €1.49 and both of these hand cream’s are available nation wide.

Enjoy your soft hand!!

Leonard xHandRepairTube



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