Versace Eros


Here’s a little something for you ladies for the weekend! I was at the launch of the new fragrance for men by Versace in Harvey Nichols during the week and really I had to share the beauty that is David with you all! Seriously how hot is he??? The fragrance is inspired by Eros, the Greek God of love. Who, legend has it can make people fall in love using his bow and arrow. (It wouldn’t take a bow and arrow to fall in love with him now would it ladies!)


So back to the fragrance, it has some great smelling ingredients in there including mint oil and green apple in the head note, tonka bean from Venezuela and geranium flower in the heart note and vanilla from Madagascar, cedar-wood from Virginia and Atlas in the Dry out note. All this means is that when you apply it first it has a clean fresh smell from the head note which dries out to a beautifully warm masculine smell.

Versace Eros_pack

The packaging and bottle is wonderful, you know I am a sucker for good packaging! The turquoise bottle has the Versace Medusa Head on the front and a gold one on the lid, there is also a Greek style Fret around the bottle. There are five products in the collection, of course there is the Eau de Toilette, there is also after shave balm, comfort after shave balm, deodorant stick and spray and a shower gel. They are available now from Harvey Nichols and stockists nationwide. Not everywhere has the full range so if you’re looking for the shower gel etc call before you go to buy! The 30ml costs €44.50, 50ml costs €60.00 and the 100ml costs €79.50 and you get a free gift with purchase in Harvey Nichols which has a mini set which includes the aftershave and shower gel.

Versace Eros_bottle

Leonard xx    



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