Clarins BB Cream


Clarins have launched their version on the BB Cream, and let me tell you it’s very exciting! It is the perfect mix of makeup and skin-care. It will revitalise your skin, protect it and it will also even your skin tone and that’s just the skin-care part! The makeup part is beautiful, it is an amazing texture, you skin will look and feel great while you have it on. What I love most about it is how the finish looks like you have nothing on your skin, just flawless skin. One of the things about this product is that they have included “3D Radiance” pigments, which are rounded pigments that create an optical illusion on the skin, making everything appear smoother, they also illuminate your skin and help create a more even skin tone it even helps imperfections and any redness you have to become less noticeable.



It comes in three shades light, medium and dark. Some of the ingredients that Clarins Laboratories have put in the BB Cream are mega! They include an organic kiwi extract which is known for its anti-fatigue and antioxidant properites it is also rich in vitamin C. To moisturise your skin in a balanced way they have included katafray extract, a key ingredient found in their HydraQuench range. This ingredient helps boost the skin’s natural hydration process and reinforces the skin’s barrier effect. And it also has a broad spectrum SPF 25, which is great, I would still use an SPF before applying.


Is this another BB cream? I don’t think so! It costs €33.50 and is available on all Clarins outlets now.

Leonard x


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