Diane Kruger, Chanel’s new Beauty Vision face

Diane Kruger_Gilles-Marie Zimmermann-low

Diane Kruger is has been announced as the new face of CHANEL Beauty Vision. A perfect fit for the brand. She has a natural elegance which is perfect for CHANEL not to mention her beauty. She was the face of their ALLURE fragrance’s advertising campaign in 1996 and then in 2007 Karl Lagerfeld shot the advertising campaign for the Paris-Biarritz bag.

Diane Kruger-low

This year Diane will be the face of a new beauty advertising campaign, which I can’t wait to see! She is one of the world of cinemas great beauties and it makes perfect sense for her to be the ‘face’ for CHANEL.Diane Kruger_Karl Lagerfeld



  1. She is absolutely the right choice for the brand. As lovely as Lily Allen and Blake Lively are, I never thought they were quite right for Chanel. Diane is perfect.

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