Essence Guerilla Gardening Summer Collection

The summer collection from Essence will be in shops at the end of next month. The new limited edition collection will only be available for two months in usual outlets nationwide. As always with Essence the budget will not be blown! The collection is called Guerilla Gardening with botanical shades like bright and dark green as well as earthy brown mix with bright pink and intensive red for that extra special summer feeling.  The stand out piece of the collection for me is the nail art velvet powder for a cool moss-like look on your nails. 


They have brought out an eyebrow mascara which comes in two shades blonde and brunette. And at €2.49 it’s well worth trying out!



They are also bringing us a cream to powder blush. Again there are two shades 01 mission flower and 02 floral glam. I am looking forward to trying these out as cream to powder blush is one of my favouriate textures and I will be interested if the texture will feel good. They will cost €2.49. 



These are long-lasting nail polish with super-high coverage paints your nails green, lemon, pink or tomato red.  Available in 01 I’m the moss, 02 plant the planet, 03 mission flower and 04 floral glam. Then there is nail effect powder. The innovative velvet powder is a true nail-style highlight! Simply sprinkle on freshly polished, slightly moist nails and spread with the multi effect brush. The tiny fibers create a cool, velvety moss-like look in grass green or flowery pink. Available in 01 I’m the moss and 02 mission flower. The nail art multi effect brush is a fan-shaped multi effect brush is ideal for applying the nail art velvet powder. Available in 01 to sweep is sweet. 

 ess_GuerillaGardening_NailEffectPowder02  ess_GuerillaGardening_Nailpolish02 ess_GuerillaGardening_Nailpolish03





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