Not that you need an excuse to go to Paris, but if you are looking for one there is an amazing exhibition on in The Palais De Tokyo from May 5th through to June 5th. The exhibition has been curated by Jean-Louis Froment, who has curated exhibitions for Chanel in Moscow, Beijing and most recently Canton. This exhibition is all about N°5, how periods in her life and the many inspirations which fed her imagination and led to her creating one of the worlds most iconic perfume. It also uses correspondences to and from Mademoiselle Chanel to crack the code to reveal the links which connected it to specific moments in time and to the Avant Garde movements it spanned.


The works of art, photographs, archives and objects exhibited provide an account of the many inspirations which fed the imagination and world of Mademoiselle Chanel. They reveal her inner thoughts and give us a glimpse into the wonderful mind Mademoiselle Chanel which in turn will shed light on this unique and timeless perfume. Whether through her favorite destinations like Venice and Russia or through the creations of her artist, poet and musican friends Cocteau, Picasso, Apollonaire Stravinsky, Picabia. People still take inspiration from these incredible artists, writers and musicians today.


Gardens always go hand in hand with perfume, so a garden fittingly provides the introductory setting to this exhibition. The garden has been designed by Piet Oudolf who’s recent work includes The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The High Line in New York. The garden will be on display throughout the remainder of the year.


If you can get to Paris or if you are there anyway I think this exhibition would be a fantastic addition to your sightseeing. Mademoiselle Chanel has always fascinated me to get a peek into her wonderful world sounds like an opportunity not to be missed. (I do hope that my Glenn reads this and whisks me off to Paris for a ‘Chanel’ weekend!) There will be no charge to enter the exhibition.

 Catherine_Deneuve_HD  Noire et Blanche, 1926 Boy_Capel_1911_HD Chanel_Dimitri_1920_HD  Max_Ernst  Picabia_Francis_Tickets_HD Femme_au_grand_chapeau_Modigliani_1916_HD Olga_Picasso_HD


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