Summer’s coming!! Part 1

One thing that I love about being Irish is our eternal optimism when it comes to the weather. The weekend before last, remember our summer, both myself and Glenn spent three days in the garden creating what we call Gay Gardens. We foolishly imagined that we would be sitting in the garden for the next four months reading, working on our laptops and eating. Well last Monday brought a stop to our gallop when we had to put all of our beautiful plants into the dog house to protect them from the gale force winds that were predicted. But there is something that you can do to make yourself feel summery. Perfume! There is nothing like scent to bring you to a different place in your mind, and all of the brands have a little sunshine on offer for you this ‘summer’ season.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge 100ml Angle

I have picked my favourites for you. At the top of my list is my scent, it’s from Tom Ford and it is beautiful. Jasmin Rouge, a spiced floral Eau de Parfum which comes in a deep-red bottle. The perfume has two bespoke ingredients, Sambac Jasmine Sepals Absolute and Clary Sage Essence this unusual pairing is made more special with the addition of exotic spices such as Indian ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, and lively florals such as Ylang Ylang, Italian Broom Flower and Neroli. Finally, an accord of Labdanum Resin, Amber and Abstract Woods is wrapped in Vanilla Bean Infusion and Leather to create a sensuous scent. It is available from Tom Ford now and costs €165.00.

diamond summer Pack Femme détouré

For Summer 2013, the good people over at Emporio Armani are giving us Diamonds. Not literally but in the form of perfume. The bottle seem to be carved out of the ice as the turquoise glows at their bases reminding us of the refection of the sun on the polar ice caps. The top notes of this little gem of a perfume are aspberry and litchi accord with a green apple sorbet which gives this dynamic perfume its unique identity. At the heart of the perfume is rose, using peony’s also. Then at the base of the perfume are notes of dry woods, ambered and musky. Which gives this perfume a wonderfully rich lasting scent. Available nationwide and costs €41.00.

CHANCE, CHANCE Eau Fraiche & CHANCE Eau Tendre 2013 - 3x €108.00 for 150ml

I couldn’t write about perfume and not include Chanel. One of my all time favourite smells is Coco from Chanel, which is a beautifully rich warm scent. I have talked about it before on here so I’ll leave it out of this post. This summer Chanel are focusing on Chance, which now comes in three different scents. The original Chance is a floral fragrance with Jasmine, pink pepper and amber patchouli just three of the beautiful ingredients that feature. Chanel have perfected a wonderful way of making different notes appear while you wear the perfume, so just like chance the perfume can change throughout the day. Chance Eau Fraiche is a sparkling-Floral fragrance with Jasmine Absolute, a zesty citron note and a teak wood note that makes it a wonderfully warm scent. Chance eau Tendre as the name suggest is softer than the other perfumes. Again it has the Jasmine Absolute but it also has a white musk note and a quince grapefruit note that makes it softer yet beautifully wearable. Available on all Chanel counters now, the bottles are 150ml of Eau de toilette and cost €108.00

CHANCE EAU TENDRE Deodorant spray €38.00 for 100ml

If you like me want to keep smelling of your perfume all day Chanel have a hair mist available in Chance Eau Tendre which will keep your locks smelling great for the day and will not dry your hair out like perfume does. They have also launched a new Chance Eau Tendre deodorant spray. The hair mist has 35ml of product and costs €40.00 and the deodorant has 100ml and costs €38.00.


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