Garnier, 5 Sec Perfect Blur


New from the brand that started the BB Cream trend outside of Asia is this new kinda magic product. As anyone who has ever chatted to me about primers knows, I am not a huge fan. This little tube of magic is a great multi-tasker. Garnier introduces a new skin finishing product, 5 Sec perfect Blur. What this product promises to do is to airbrush your skin without any digital wizardry. It almost sounds too good to be true?? But the image above has NOT been retouched and the side with  5 Sec Perfect Blur is dramatically improved.

As with other primers you apply this before your foundation, if you are going to apply foundation, so make sure to apply your SPF right beforehand. Not only will your imperfections and signs of ageing be concealed straight away, your make-up will apply smoothly on to the skin, lasting longer and looking fresher.

Now for the science, Garnier Laboratories have perfected a technology that when the product is on skin it acts like a reflector. Meaning that light is reflected off the skin providing a blur to the skins surface making your skin look more youthful. They also have the highly absorbing ingredient silica which makes pores feel tighter and unwanted shine is reduced. The technology is based on innovative silicone elastomers. Highly concentrated in the formula, the ingredient diffuses light for a soft focus effect at skin’s surface. It is a highly absorbent formula to ensure a matte finish. All the ingredients are blended together with a dry oil creating an easy-to-apply texture.

6974 Perfect Blur Carton & Tube english v4 - new artwork on tube

Available from June in pharmacy’s and supermarkets nationwide. It will cost €19.99.


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