Advanced Génifique

The good people at Lancôme have been busy working on Génifique, one of my favourite facial serums. They have managed to get 40% more active ingredients than original Génifique, which now has anti-ageing effects not available in the existing Génifique formula. Advanced Génifique is available now from all Lancôme counters. As you know I love science in skincare, and this serum packs a punch when it comes to science. In the Lancôme labs they have figured out that genes were important in skin repair. And it seems that they have found 25 more genes involved in keeping you young and fresh looking. Their work involves working with cells at a molecular level to see what effect they are having. This work has revealed as many as 25 more genes are involved than were previously thought. But the importance of leader genes has been critical because it allows Lancôme to test potential new actives specifically in relation to these genes, now knowing that these are representative of important functions. These then became the targets for Advanced Génifique. The most important aspect is that ageing can be addressed in a systematic and effective way. Now that the leader genes of the major functions in youthful skin have been identified, they can be targeted with specific new anti-ageing ingredients. Which are only available in Lancôme Advanced Génifique.


The new ingredients in Advanced Génifique include Adenosine. This molecule is a natural constituent of nucleic acids like RNA and DNA and certain co-enzymes. It stimulates leader genes representative of cellular functions. Testing showed it to have an important effect on integrins (molecules involved in glueing cells together) and collagens, both of which are key to the structural integrity of skin. An extract of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a new ingredient of Advanced Génifique and has been shown to have a particular effect on leader genes involved skin cell proliferation and differentiation. It also stimulates the production of perlecan which is a major component of the basement membrane, essential to the communication between dermis and epidermis of growth factors. Its effect has been demonstrated using transcriptomics which show that it boosts the expression of genes coding for perlecans by 33%. It also stimulates the production of GAGS. The final main ingredient in Advanced Génifique is a form of Vitamin C called CG – this form is much more stable than Vitamin C itself which rapidly oxidises. CG provides the skin with a stable reservoir of Vitamin C which is delivered gradually over more than 24 hours. It was selected for Advanced Génifique because it stimulates those leader genes involved in differentiation and the extra cellular matrix.

Advanced Génifique is available now and will cost €73.00.


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