Luxurious Volume from John Frieda


Two weeks ago I was at the launch for Luxurious Volume from John Frieda in The Morrison Hotel, where myself and Glenn are having the party for our upcoming wedding (well civil partnership). There are so many products on the market that promise to give you full looking hair and to be honest many of them disappoint. This range however does exactly what it says on the tin. I have been using it in work for the past two weeks and I am mega impressed. There are six products in the range which include a shampoo and conditioner, people with fine hair tend to be terrified of conditioner as it weighs their hair down but this range does not do that, in fact it makes your hair fuller while making sure that your hair is kept in good condition. Then there are four styling products, and I am finding it really had to pick my favourite. There is a root booster which when sprayed into the roots gives you perfect full looking hair, and then there is the full blow-out spray which seems to double the amount of hair that you have. I have used these products on their own and also together and the results have been great. There is a building mousse in the range also but I have not tried it yet, but I will be buying it the next time I am in SuperQuinn. Possibly my favourite product from the range is the dry shampoo, which gives your hair the most beautiful texture, and as it has been designed for fine hair it will not weigh your hair down as most dry shampoos would. I tend to use it on clean hair to get a beautiful powdery texture to the hair, I have not had the chance to use it on hair that could do with a wash yet.


Jake Davis, Senior Stylist for John Frieda® says, This product regime does exactly what it says on the packet, it instantly adds volume to the hair so you see a visible, pumped up finish. It doesn’t leave any residue, just a natural feeling volume that is still totally touchable and soft to touch throughout the day.”


Of course you still have to put a bit of effort into blow-drying your hair, unfortunately a lotion has not yet been developed that gives you perfect hair without any effort. If you are looking for fuller hair I suggest that you use the root booster and full blow-out spray in your hair and then hold your head upside down and dry your hair with your hairdryer until it is almost dry, about 70% dry. At this stage you should use a natural bristle brush to smooth and shape your hair. If your hair is almost dry it becomes so easy to do this and using a natural bristle brush does not take any of the fullness away that you have created by drying it upside-down. You could also dry it to 70% dry and then put some rollers in and leave them in until your hair is 100% dry.

JF_LV_2013_Conditioner MLP1_small

John Frieda® Touchably Full Shampoo RRP €6.31

John Frieda® Touchably Full Conditioner RRP €6.31

John Frieda® Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray RRP €6.31

John Frieda® Volume Building Mousse RRP€6.31

John Frieda® Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster RRP €6.31

John Frieda® Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo RRP €6.31


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